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$11.5M Microfinance Milestone

As the largest provider of no-interest loans (NILS) in New South Wales we were thrilled to reach a critical milestone in February 2018, having provided $11.5 million in microfinance loans to people in need.

In the ten years since we commenced our microfinance program, we have delivered no-interest and low-interest loans to people experiencing significant financial distress, supporting communities, families and vulnerable people as they strive for financial stability.

More than 7,000 people have received over 8,400 no-interest or low-interest loans from BaptistCare under the auspicing body of Good Shepherd Microfinance and in partnership with NAB and the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

The largest portion of loan recipients have been single parents supporting children, with over 4,100 single parents accessing safe, affordable microfinance loans through BaptistCare.