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Hope Lives Here

For over 34 years, HopeStreet in Sydney’s inner city has been putting faith into action, reaching out to people who are in need, many who are struggling with homelessness, addiction, mental health and legal issues, in addition to having diminished employment opportunities.

In February 2018, the HopeStreet identity, established and grown at Woolloomooloo, was expanded across our Community Centres. Each of our Community Centres provide unique services that meet the local needs of disadvantaged communities and people living on the margins. The expansion of the HopeStreet brand affirms the uniqueness of each of our Community Centres and the communities they operate in.

From access to fair finance and affordable food, homelessness support, domestic and family violence services, and working with women who are marginalised, HopeStreet offers trusted support and hope to people living with disadvantage and distress.

Expanding the HopeStreet brand allows all of BaptistCare’s community services to have consistency in branding and identity, wherever they are located, while increasing our capacity for storytelling, which is so important for those who are supporting the work we do.

All of our HopeStreet sites are located on a newly launched HopeStreet website, which is supported by a quarterly HOPE newsletter, bursting with hope-giving stories featuring the people and communities we are working with. We hope you will join us in supporting the vital work that BaptistCare HopeStreet is doing, right across NSW.