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Volunteer Celebrated During National Carers Week

National Carers Week, held in October 2017, was a special week for our Stronger Carers Peer Support volunteer coach, Alan Gravolin, who was announced as NSW Carer of the Year.

The announcement was made by Minister for Disability Services, Ray Williams and marked the start of a very busy week for Alan, who continues to support and advocate for carers and people with dementia at every opportunity.

In a National Carers Week morning tea event held at BaptistCare Shalom Centre, Alan was acknowledged and joined by his wife Lyn, who has younger onset dementia, his children and grandchildren, fellow carers, as well as BaptistCare staff and volunteers. Also in attendance were The Hon. John Watkins, CEO Dementia Australia, and Helen McFarlane, Manager – Carers, NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS).

Our Stronger Carers Peer Support program pairs volunteers with carers, to help them navigate their dementia journey with their loved ones. The program provides coaching around the practical elements of caring as well as dealing with the emotional impact, and our volunteer coaches, like Alan, have been carers themselves, so they truly understand what it is carers are going through.