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Finding Purpose And Passion In A Shed

With 53 years’ experience working as a solicitor, Peter was great at his job. But what came after his career was the question Peter struggled with as he approached his retirement.

It was something unexpected, a love for woodwork and making things with his hands, that came about when Peter reluctantly went to a Men’s Shed and saw others making beautiful things with timber.

As Peter was also living with Parkinson’s, due to safety reasons he wasn’t able to use some of the tools and machinery, limiting what he could create at the Men’s Shed.

Over time Peter and his wife Marie thought some extra support at home would allow Peter to explore and enjoy woodwork, in a safe environment. Our Home Services team assisted by appointing Alan, a fully qualified carpenter, to visit Peter once a week to help him with building toy trains and other wooden items.

 Today, Peter, now 82, is no longer able to work at the Men’s Shed as his Parkinson’s makes using the tools tricky, however he now sits and watches others so he can copy it at home with Alan.

Maintaining independence at home looks different for everyone, and our YouChoose customers can tailor a combination of care to support their wellbeing and enable them to continue to do the things they love. In Peter’s case, this was about fulfilling his desire for independence with the pursuit of creative activities.