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Western Sydney Carers Retreat

Our Western Sydney Home Services team has been facilitating a monthly carers meeting for four years, and in June 2018 they hosted a Carers’ Retreat as an extension of this support, attended by 30 carers.

The three-day retreat, set in the beautiful Mulgoa Valley around an hour west of Sydney, is an annual opportunity to take carers away for a whole weekend.

Carers have a chance to recharge their batteries, build relationships and friendships with people in circumstances similar to their own, receive ongoing education to assist them in their caring roles and give them space to enjoy themselves with a scheduled program of entertainment, in a beautiful setting with fantastic meals and accommodation.

Some of the carer’s loved ones who are living with dementia were also able to attend the retreat, and were cared for while their relative was able to enjoy the retreat and be nearby.

We want people to be able to care for their loved one as well as possible, for as long as possible. For this carers need knowledge, encouragement and self-care strategies, so our carers’ meetings and retreats strive to focus on each of these important areas.