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Heartbroken And Seeking Hope

Affordable housing, sky-rocketing bills, and now food, is a serious issue for individuals and families, whether they are living on the margins or the working poor.

When Doug’s marriage broke down, he was forced to leave the small farming community he was from. He ended up moving to Dubbo and living in a cabin in one of the local Caravan Parks. Alone in a new place, Doug faced heartache and loneliness and hadn’t seen his two daughters in quite some time.

Doug came to BaptistCare HopeStreet in Dubbo for food support but was also under financial stress while struggling to pay for his accommodation. He then received news that his two daughters were coming to visit for Christmas, but instead he felt ashamed that he had no food, nor money to buy them presents.  The BaptistCare HopeStreet team provided him with food, and gifts for his girls.

HopeStreet’s commitment to partnering with people in need, is helping to change the lives for people like Doug. The hope and dignity that Doug reclaimed through HopeStreet was a direct result of the generous support of our donors.

To help people like Doug you can support the work of HopeStreet by donating at www.hopestreet.org.au/donate/