Volunteer Celebrated During National Carers Week

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Volunteer Celebrated During National Carers Week

National Carers Week, held in October 2017, was a special week for our Stronger Carers Peer Support volunteer coach, Alan Gravolin, who was announced as NSW Carer of the Year.

The announcement was made by Minister for Disability Services, Ray Williams and marked the start of a very busy week for Alan, who continues to support and advocate for carers and people with dementia at every opportunity.

In a National Carers Week morning tea event held at BaptistCare Shalom Centre, Alan was acknowledged and joined by his wife Lyn, who has younger onset dementia, his children and grandchildren, fellow carers, as well as BaptistCare staff and volunteers. Also in attendance were The Hon. John Watkins, CEO Dementia Australia, and Helen McFarlane, Manager – Carers, NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS).

Our Stronger Carers Peer Support program pairs volunteers with carers, to help them navigate their dementia journey with their loved ones. The program provides coaching around the practical elements of caring as well as dealing with the emotional impact, and our volunteer coaches, like Alan, have been carers themselves, so they truly understand what it is carers are going through.

Friendship Blooms Through Volunteering

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Friendship Blooms Through Volunteering

Sometimes friendship surprises us and blooms in the most challenging of places. This was the case for Peter and Keith. They met back in January 2015, when their wives entered our Blue Mountains-based aged care centre, Morven Gardens, within the same week.

Since then they have built a solid friendship, volunteering at the aged care centre in Leura, and supporting each other throughout their wives’ dementia journeys.

Keith and Peter also volunteer in BaptistCare’s Stronger Carers Peer Support program, to help others navigate their dementia journey with loved ones.

Keith and Peter are just two of the 1000 volunteers doing important and powerful work across BaptistCare and who we were grateful for during National Volunteer Week in May 2018.

Safety Performance

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Safety Performance

To achieve an industry leading safety culture we ask all of our staff to commit to safety leadership as together we work towards an ongoing reduction in our injury rates, and a safe workplace for our staff and volunteers.

Our STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review) campaign, launched in early 2017, has had a positive outcome,  reducing injury rates by 18% on the previous year and creating a strong focus for staff to find safer ways to deliver Care you can trust.

In December 2017 we launched My Safety, a portal allowing all staff to log safety events such as hazards and incidents.

This new easy to use self-service function, available on any device connected to the internet, makes it straightforward for all staff to report safety events.

We remain committed to having our people leave work each day in an equal or better state of wellbeing than when they arrived.

Exceptional Staff Acknowledged

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Exceptional Staff Acknowledged

In August 2017 we celebrated outstanding staff achievement at our annual You Can Awards Celebration Dinner.

With more than 3500 staff across NSW and the ACT striving to deliver on the promise of Care you can trust, our You Can Awards Celebration Dinner saw 23 exceptional awardees join with the BaptistCare Board and Senior Leadership Group to be honoured.

The special event gave guests the opportunity to pause and publicly recognise the commitment each of these exceptional staff have made to delivering extraordinary service and quality care.

Launched in early 2017, our You Can Awards were established to recognise the achievements of staff, and give them the opportunity to appreciate and say thank you to each other.